Stansted: 01279 944003 Braintree: 01376 538123 24hr_Support: 0844 567 1991

Two-Way Radio Hire in Essex (UK)

  • Radio & Walkie Talkie Hire in Essex since 2002
  • Over 500 radios in stock
  • Leading brands including Icom & Motorola
  • Minimum Hire 2 Radios
  • Next Day Deliveries

Call us on 01376 538 123.

Essex Radio  Hire has over 15 years of experience hiring two way radios.

We predominantly hire througout Essex area but have also supplied radios for clients in Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk and even Lincolnshire (often when customers had been let down by their current supplier).

We support various types of events, charities, business and airports.

We have multiple repeater sites throughout Essex giving taxi drivers and Councils wide area coverage.

We generally have about 500 radios in stock ready for hire backed up by next day deliveries from icom and Motorola.

We have engineers on the ground in Essex daily visiting sites and dealing with radio system design , maintence and installation.

Most customers choose to rent from us due to our rapid 24hr backup service we offer.

As part of a long term hire we keep spare radios and antennas in stock and often find ourselves changing a taxi antenna on a Friday night, or replacing an earpiece a doorman has damaged in a fight.

You can hire any number of radios starting from 2.

Essex Radio Hire is a keen supporter of the local radio club.

Essex Radio Hire and Essex Raynet have a very good working relationship in providing emergency communications in times of flood especially in the Maldon and Tendring District area.

We don’t generally advertise as most of our work is word of mouth.